x-Glo North Americas V.A.C.S.

x-Glo North Americas V.A.C.S.

x-Glo North Americas V.A.C.S.

x-Glo LED strip lighting is quickly becoming a standard for mining and tunneling operations around the world. Favored for very bright uniform lighting, low energy consumption and long-life expectancy.


x-Glo North Americas V.A.C.S. increases the safety facture by allowing control of the LED strip lights from existing mine control system. Changing colors, flashing, strobing and direction chase can be achieved over the mines existing network infrastructure (ethernet, Wi-Fi and LTE).


x-Glo North Americas V.A.C.S. was designed to assist with traffic management, fire alert, seismic activity, and high gas, plus many more.

Directional chase can direct personal to safety for any mine wide or localized



Using the free blue tooth app all the pre-sets can be done with a smart device

while viewing the strips in real time. Once the options are saved our software can store those settings and push them to all the other LED controllers allowing fast and efficient uniform setup.

x-Glo North America V.A.C system