Choosing the Right LED Lighting for Hazardous Locations: What You Need To Know

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Choosing the Right LED Lighting for Hazardous Locations: What You Need To Know

x-Glo LED strip lighting has been installed throughout the world in 74 countries and over 500 mines! The longest x-Glo LED strip installation clocks in at 23 km! Our lights are installed in tough, hazardous environments including mines, tunnels, and oil and gas facilities. 

In fact, our light solutions are especially made to shine in the harshest of conditions. 

The newest addition to the x-Glo strip light family is the Exm Range. These LEDs are ATEX/IECex Exm-approved (certificates to demonstrate a supreme level of safety). The Exm Range is designed specifically for hazardous areas such as coal mines as well as oil and gas facilities and can operate in Zone 1/21 and 2/22 areas. 

Having durable lighting solutions enhances the safety of mines and other tough working environments. 

The right lighting solution will be:

Impact Resistant 

There are a number of reasons why LEDs need to be Impact resistant, namely: 

  • They can continue illuminating spaces even in the event of accidental collisions or impacts, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

  • Impact resistant LEDs are designed to withstand vibrations, shocks, and rough handling, ensuring that they continue to function reliably 24/7.

  • These lights minimize downtime and maintain uninterrupted operations in the mine.

  • Mines and other environments benefit from a longer lighting lifespan.

  • Impact resistant LEDs require fewer replacements. 

  • Due to the longer lifespan, reduced downtime, and less needed maintenance, impact resistant LEDs are cost-effective in the long run.

Corrosion Resistant

Corrosion abrasion is a significant issue in mines. Our lights are able to resist this damage to keep shining brightly. This is an important feature because:

  • Mines are often exposed to high levels of moisture, dust, and various chemicals, all of which can accelerate the corrosion of lighting fixtures that aren’t corrosion resistant.

  • Corrosion can lead to costly replacements and downtime; this can be mitigated by installing corrosion resistant LEDs.

  • Corrosion resistant LEDs have an extended lifespan which reduces maintenance costs and increases efficiency.

  • Corroded lighting fixtures that don’t provide adequate illumination increase the risk of accidents and injuries. 

Flame Retardant 

Mines are high-risk environments where fires and explosions are possible, so flame retardant LED lights are important. 

  • Flame retardant lighting systems can withstand high temperatures and resist ignition.

  • They can continue illuminating even in extreme conditions. 

  • The durability of flame retardant lights can minimize downtime and maintenance requirements.

  • Flame retardant LEDs help safeguard personnel and guide them to safety. 

While corrosion and impact resistant, and flame-retardant LEDs may have a higher cost initially, it offers significant long-term savings. Choosing x-Glo helps to minimize the frequency of replacements and maintenance, as well as reduce downtime which saves you money in the long run.