How To Retrofit Your Existing Industrial Operation With LED Lighting

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How To Retrofit Your Existing Industrial Operation With LED Lighting

Efficient lighting is crucial for successful operations, whether it be in an underground mine, oil and gas facility, or an industrial operation. Lighting needs to work properly so that workers can do their jobs more productively and safely. 

This is why x-Glo focuses on quality, robust LED light strips for challenging environments.

Traditional lighting options (such as incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes) have several drawbacks that can negatively impact safety and, therefore, efficiency in harsh conditions. This is where LED lighting solutions come in. LED lighting offers several benefits that can drastically improve safety and competence in mines. 

The best thing about LED light strips is that you don’t have to overhaul your whole operation! Retrofitting your facility with LED lights can make a huge difference. 

The Advantages of LED Lighting 


x-Glo LED lights are designed to withstand harsh working conditions, including extreme temperatures, moisture, and vibration. x-Glo LED light strips have been put through a number of rigorous tests to ensure their durability. 

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Energy Efficiency

x-Glo LED lights consume far less energy compared to incandescent bulbs and fluorescent tubes while still providing the same amount of light. This translates to lower costs.  

Low Maintenance 

x-Glo LED lights need to be replaced far less than traditional lights, resulting in uninterrupted light for workers and less downtime.

Easy Installation 

x-Glo’s LED strip lights are simple to install and customise. The low voltage range can be cut, making them suitable for lighting any area. The longest running length in the standard range is 90m. The biggest x-Glo LED strip light installation is 46 km of lighting sold by Alpha Safety in Kazakhstan in 2021! (Check out all of our installations here.) 

Assessing Your Industrial Operation for LED Retrofit

Before including LED lighting in your facility, it's crucial to take a comprehensive look at your existing lighting setup. 

This evaluation is to ensure that your retrofit investment aligns perfectly with your operational needs. Whether you're managing a mining facility, a manufacturing plant, an oil and gas operation, a warehouse, or any other industrial setting, each comes with its own set of unique lighting requirements and challenges. 

By thoroughly assessing your current lighting infrastructure, you can pinpoint areas that need improvement, where there are opportunities to save energy and therefore costs, and what areas need to meet specific demands. 

x-Glo distributors around the world will assess operations and suggest the best LED lighting system to meet every need. 

Selecting the Right LED Lighting Solutions

x-Glo’s LED technology offers a wide array of options for various industrial settings. 

From the rugged demands of mining facilities to the precision requirements of manufacturing plants and the hazardous environments of oil and gas facilities, x-Glo light strips are designed to be robust and durable. 

The x-Glo Exm Range is the world’s first ATEX / IECEx certified LED strip light. This range has been tested and certified by independent test authorities to ensure its suitability for installation in hazardous areas. 

Plus, the white light option provides a superior performance that’s equivalent to the midday sun! 

Do you need the lights on constantly? x-Glo lighting solutions are designed to be energised 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. 

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The Retrofit Process 

Retrofitting your industrial operation with LED lighting requires a well-thought-out plan to ensure a smooth transition and maximise the benefits of this upgrade. The process begins with a site assessment that considers the specific needs and challenges of your operation. Safety measures are paramount during this phase, ensuring that any potential hazards are identified and mitigated.

Attention to detail is crucial to ensure the new lighting is optimally positioned for improved visibility and efficiency. You could also add LED lights to complement existing lighting structures. 

Quality control and testing are integral steps to guarantee that the LED lighting system operates flawlessly. This includes verifying that all fixtures are securely installed and the light output meets the desired specifications, including colour. 

This is why having the right LED partner is paramount. x-Glo will be with you every step of the way, from assessing your unique needs to helping you customise LED light strips to create a system that is efficient and reliable.

If you want to upgrade your operation, contact x-Glo to find out more about how we can help bring your processes into the future!