The Impact Of LED Lighting On Worker Productivity In Mining Operations

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The Impact Of LED Lighting On Worker Productivity In Mining Operations

When designing mining systems and practices, worker safety always needs to be a priority. Miner safety is interlinked with productivity – when employees are safe, they have more space to be productive and execute their roles with confidence. So, when wanting to make a mine more productive, safety needs to be focused on. 

Mining is an inherently hazardous industry. Harsh conditions, including extreme temperatures, the presence of toxic gases, confined workspaces with limited means of egress, electrical risks, and the ever-present danger of cave-ins, underscore the perilous nature of the sector.

Failure to address these challenges results in a reduction in productivity.

So, what measures can be implemented to bolster the productivity of mining operations?

  1. Clear Exit Routes 

Things can go wrong, and mines need to be prepared with Visual Alert Control Systems (VACS). In the event of an emergency, a VACS unit activates LED strips, causing them to change from a solid state to red chasing, directing employees to the nearest refuge area.

  1. Regular Safety And Training Refreshes 

According to the Minerals Council South Africa regarding the coal mining industry in the country, “Rigorous safety procedures, health and safety standards and employee education and training programmes have resulted in significant improvements in safety performance in both underground and opencast coal mining.”

Schedule safety refreshers regularly. When workers know procedures like the back of their hand there is less stress and more peace of mind, which can contribute to a healthier work environment and increased productivity. 

  1. Quality LED Lighting Systems 

LED lights outpace traditional lighting in every aspect. Not only are LEDs more energy efficient, but they also provide better quality light. There are so many other benefits to installing top-quality LED lights in a mining operation: 

  • Reduced Glare 

Glare-free lighting keeps your workforce safe by reducing visibility challenges and potential hazards. This increases concentration. 

  • Durability

Mines need lighting systems that can be counted on, no matter how harsh conditions get. x-Glo’s LEDs are corrosion-resistant, impact and shock-resistant, ultra-flexible, fire retardant, and suitable for high-humidity environments.  

  • Less Maintenance and Replacements 

Fewer maintenance missions and bulb replacements result in less downtime, increasing productivity. 

  1. Non Verbal Communication 

LED lights can play a vital role in non-verbal communication in mines by providing a versatile means of conveying important messages and status updates to workers. Different colours or flashing patterns can be used to signal various conditions or events, such as the need to evacuate, the presence of dangerous gases, or the initiation of blasting operations. This form of visual communication is especially valuable in noisy environments where audible alarms or verbal communication may be challenging to discern. 

By utilising LED lighting systems for non-verbal communication, mines can enhance safety, streamline operations, and facilitate swift responses to critical situations.

  1. Assess Current Lighting Systems

Where in your mining operation can the lighting be improved? 

The ease of efficiency needs to be front of mind when it comes to creating a more productive mine. Along with reducing obstacles, it’s essential to ensure spaces are well-lit so that there are fewer surprises waiting to hinder progress. 

Quality lighting helps to reduce eye strain, fatigue, headaches, stress, and incidents. Many mistakes can be prevented with LED light strips. 

x-Glo high-grade LEDs provide a superior white light spectrum performance that’s equivalent to the midday sun. Our lighting systems also come in a range of colours – including blue, green, red, and amber – to suit a range of needs. 

What also sets our lighting systems apart is the ease of installation. They’re flexible enough to light up any space. 

  1. Improve Energy Consumption 

Data software company, Skycatch, highlights the importance of optimising energy consumption to improve productivity and increase ROI, “...look into ways to switch to more efficient methods for consuming power throughout your day.”

With LED lighting solutions consuming up to 60% less energy than conventional counterparts, substantial cost savings become apparent while also contributing to a reduced environmental impact.

Mining productivity rests on the shoulders of worker safety. When employees can do their jobs in conditions that prioritise ease and safety, mines are way more likely to increase productivity.

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